65,000 Trees for Halton Hills

We want to thank our amazing customers who purchased a vehicle with us last year and helped us with the 65,000 Trees for Halton Hills Challenge. We have 200 amazing trees ready to be planted and we are looking for volunteers!

Don't worry - we'll make sure everyone has the equipment needed and is warm with some tasty donuts and coffee. If you know someone looking for some volunteer hours - this would be a fun and easy way to get a few!

We're Going Green!

This summer Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC will be participating in tree planting with Trees for Halton Hills. For every vehicle purchased, we will donate one tree and plant it in our community!

The team here at Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC cares about our environment, which is why we have partnered with Trees for Halton Hills to “Green Our Town”. We have a few more surprises coming that you may find electrifying, follow us to see what we have planned.

What is Trees for Halton Hills?

Trees for Halton Hills is a non-profit organization which promotes tree planting in the community, and we have joined in on their 65,000 tree challenge. Maybe other businesses will too!

Why 65,000 Trees?

The number was inspired by the population of the Town of Halton Hills. In the next 5 years, the goal is to plant one tree for every resident!

The Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC team is committed to planting at least 200 trees this year. In the fall, when our sales are tallied and weather conditions are good, A mix of native conifer and deciduous trees will be planted on public land within the Town. We are also planning to host an event and invite you to join in and plant our trees together!

Join In!

Trees are environmental superpowers and make our Town more beautiful. Trees are essential for life. At Georgetown Chevrolet Buick GMC, we want to give our friends, family, neighbours and customers the opportunity to help reach the Trees for Halton Hills goal. Be part of the Challenge!