Why buy a Demo?

Why Buy a Demo Vehicle?

Most people consider two main options when shopping for a vehicle at a dealership: new or pre-owned. Both hold advantages, but there’s often a third, lesser-known choice that, depending on what you’re looking for, may represent the best deal on the lot: The Demo Vehicle.

Demo vehicles (or demonstrator vehicles) are those that have been very lightly used as testers by customers or as short-term daily drivers by dealership executives and are therefore offered at a reduced price. For the savvy buyer who knows what she wants, these should not be overlooked.

Below are the 4 main reasons why buying a demo vehicle can be a great idea.

1. No Freight Charge

Getting a car from the factory where it was assembled to the facility from which it will be sold is a large undertaking, and most of the time it isn’t free for the purchaser. New vehicles often include a Freight Charge in addition to the sticker price. When the vehicle has been used as a demo, however, the fee is removed.

2. No Pre-Delivery Inspection Charge

When new vehicles arrive at a dealership, they undergo what’s called a pre-delivery inspection (PDI), where the dealership’s certified trained technicians carefully examine the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is properly setup and calibrated for delivery. For demo vehicles, the dealership absorbs this fee, not the purchaser.

3. All Rebates and Incentives Apply

It’s not a new car, but it is. Demos enjoy all the same rebates and incentives as new vehicles, so purchasers can take advantage of varying lease and finance options.

4. Reduced Capital Cost

Everyone knows that the value of a new vehicle depreciates the moment the odometer starts ticking. Demo vehicles are no different. When the number on the odometer of a demo goes up, the overall cost goes down. Despite being like-new with most of the same benefits, many demos are markedly cheaper thanks to a reading of a few thousand kms on the dash.