Services at Georgetown Chev

Services at Georgetown Chevrolet:Your Trusted GM Service Department

At Georgetown Chevrolet, our expert technicians provide essential services like Lube, Oil, and Filter changes and a comprehensive Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check. As your trusted GM service department in Halton Hills and the GTA, we ensure your vehicle receives top-notch care every visit.

Lube and Oil Filter Pricing Chart

Car and Small SUV*

$99.95+HST & Environmental fees. * Up to 5 litres of oil.


$119.95+HST & Environmental fees. * Up to 5 litres of oil.

Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check

$89.95+HST & Environmental fees.

Failing to properly maintain your engine with Oil Changes at appropriate intervals can lead to significant engine damage, which would require costly repairs. GM vehicles, as well as other newer makes and models, come equipped with an Engine Oil Life Monitoring System. This system is designed to interpret your vehicle's speed and engine temperature along with your driving habits to continually monitor operating conditions in order to let you know when the time is right for an oil change. Low engine oil pressure or low oil level can cause extreme and costly damage to your engine. If this message displays, safely bring your vehicle to a stop as soon as possible. Check the oil level immediately or contact Roadside Assistance to get you on your way or to bring your vehicle into Finch Chevrolet as soon as possible.

When your Oil Life Monitoring System prompts you to Change Engine Oil Soon, it indicates that service is required as soon as possible. Please note that your engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year. If your vehicle does not have an Oil Life Monitoring System, be sure to consult the Maintenance Schedule in your Owner's Manual. If you detect heavy smoke from your tailpipe, sometimes with a blue tinge, it is a strong indicator that oil is being burned within your engine. This can be caused by a number of factors. If you are experiencing any unusual tailpipe emissions, see the Certified Service experts at Georgetown Chevrolet right away. Another immediate sign of an issue with your vehicle's oil is a noticeable leak. In case of a leak, address it with your Certified Service expert as soon as possible. Catching a problem early can save you time and money and prevent a potential roadside emergency.

From conventional oil to full synthetic, our Certified Service Experts at Georgetown Chevrolet can offer you advice on a range of oil types, from ACDelco Conventional Oil to ACDelco dexos1 Gen 2 Full Synthetic motor oil.

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What can you expect from a vehicle inspection?

Additional Vehicle Inspections

An additional vehicle inspection of critical systems is performed to check for visible leaks that might indicate a concern. The condition of other vehicle components is also visually inspected.

Battery Condition and Connections

A battery test will determine the health of your battery, and a visual inspection will check to be sure the battery cables and connections are in top working order.

Fluid Levels

Fluid levels are checked, including brake reservoir and windshield washer, to be sure they are at optimal levels.

Tire Wear

Your tires are what keep you moving safely down the road. The Certified Service experts check to make sure your tires are properly aligned, balanced, and in top shape. This will help ensure the optimum performance and safety of your vehicle.


An inspection is performed on the condition of your brake system, including lines, hoses, and parking brake as well as measurements of front and rear linings.

OnStar Subscription

A brief assessment will make sure you are connected with your OnStar® system subscription.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our Certified Service experts are GM factory-trained and experienced at working specifically on GM vehicles, so they know precisely what to look for. Nobody knows your vehicle better.

Remaining Engine Oil Life

An inspection will determine your vehicle’s remaining oil life percentage (applicable to vehicles with the GM Oil Life Monitoring System). This may be helpful, especially if you are approaching your next oil change.

Wiper Blades and Glass Condition

The operation and condition of front and rear wipers are checked to make sure they will work well when you need them. A visual inspection of your windshield is completed to check for cracks or chips and may help prevent further damage down the road.