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Outfit your GM vehicle with these Kumho Wintercraft Ice Wi31 winter tires from Georgetown Chevrolet in Georgetown

Vehicle: 2016-2021 Chevrolet Malibu

Tire Brand: Kumho Wintercraft Ice Wi31

Tire Size: 186/55R15

Tires $109.74+tax/tire
Black Steel Wheels 98.00+tax/wheel
Tire Pressure Monitors $75.00+tax/tire
Special Package Price $1,130.96+tax*

* Rebates vary per manufacture and prgram dates All prices are plus tax, installation and balance ($25 per tire covers labour and fees)
Center caps are not included in pricing unless specified. All prices subject to change depending on wheel and tire availability, type and choice.
Some alloy wheels are in short supply, please seee parts for availability.