Instant Cash Offer

Instant Cash Offer

Let us make you an offer

Get an accurate offer instantly to sell or trade-in your car.

Get an Instant Offer

Our online tool will give you a quick value for your car based on real-time trade-in data for cars like yours. (Offer will be valid for 3 days)

Verify your car's condition

Bring your car to a participating dealership near you for a quick review. No clean up or additional preparation required.

Cash out the same day

Leave with cash or use the offer towards a trade-in You may get a higher offer based on your car’s features.

Benefits of Instant Cash Offer

✔️ Fast. Get an offer instantly and sell your car the same day.

✔️ Avoid negotiation with an accurate offer. Value is based on millions of trade-ins, verified with a transparent car review.

✔️ No car preparation. No need for clean up or repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your car’s value is calculated based on:

  • Thorough comparison between your car and millions of Canadian trade-in data points.
  • Experience evaluating and analyzing historical and seasonal trends.

How is the Instant Cash Offer generated?

Verifying your car's features here at Georgetown Chevrolet ensures the most accurate offer.

You can sell as quickly as the same day! However, you do have a maximum of three days to consider the offer you received before it expires. Just bring the offer to us at Georgetown Chevrolet where we can verify your car’s features, and you can walk out with a cheque.

The value is generated based on your car’s trade-in value and the details you provided. An in-person review here at Georgetown Chevrolet will allow for a closer look at your car’s features to provide you with the most accurate offer.

You will be able to receive the exact offer amount after a quick in-person review of your car’s features here at Georgetown Chevrolet.

An interested dealership will likely contact you first! You are also welcome to make the first contact! Refer to your offer for a list of suggested dealerships to email or call. There should be a copy of the offer in your email inbox.

Walk-ins are certainly welcome! Ask to speak to one of our Instant Cash Offer representatives and they will help you through the next steps. If you don’t have an offer or your offer has expired, we will help you generate a new one.

An Instant Cash Offer representative will guide you through the process here at Georgetown Chevrolet, where a quick review of your car’s features will be performed. After you accept the offer, you may cash out or use it towards a trade-in.

Bring any important documents such as your car’s ownership and loan records if applicable. Don’t forget the spare keys!

If you’re making payments for your car, you can still obtain an offer for it. However, to redeem it, you will have to pay off the remainder owed.

Yes, you can get an offer regardless of your car’s condition — no repairs or inspections are required. Sometimes you are given a range because an exact offer cannot be generated, usually due to heavy car modifications and accidents. A quick in-person review will verify the final value

The offer is valid for 72 hours from the moment it is generated. You can still visit Georgetown Chevrolet with your expired offer, and we will help you generate a new one.

Of course! Here at Georgetown Chevrolet we have our Pick It Up service! Just let us know when scheduling an appointment and we'll be happy to offer it.

There are absolutely no transaction or hidden fees charged by AutoTrader or Georgetown Chevrolet.

If you accept the offer, you can get paid the same day. Georgetown Chevrolet will write you a cheque or you may use the value towards a trade-in.

Yes, save on tax on your newly purchased car when you trade-in your old one.

Yes, your car will stay at Georgetown Chevrolet and you will leave with a cheque. Make sure to bring all important paperwork and remove all personal belongings

Of course! Here at Georgetown Chevrolet we have our Pick It Up service! Just let us know when scheduling an appointment and we'll be happy to offer it to take you home.