You may or may not know that Ryerson is one of the oldest schools in London, it reached 100 years back in 2016. Mayfair has been a part of the school’s history for almost as long.

Historically this has been the biggest fund raising activity that is put on at the school. It is 100% volunteer based, typically by the parents of students at the school however there are some graduates that also come back annually to help as well. This event is open to all students and their family as well as members of the community. There is a BBQ, craft, games/activities/face painting and yummy treats available from 5-8pm on Friday May 25th this year.

The fundraising has allowed the school to buy updated or new resources for the teachers and students in areas such as music, physical education, trees & other plantings for the yard, playground equipment, technology (tablets, smart boards, laptops) and many other items that are used on a daily basis to enhance the education experience for our future generation. To support this annual event, Finch Auto Group has contributed a donation to the on-going efforts to allocate new resources for for an innovative learning environment.